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31 in 13


All the numbers come together this year. Thirteens. Everyone’s been asking me, whaaaaaaat I’m doing for the Big Day! Just exactly what I should be doing – nothing. Just a normal day. I’m on the verge of plummeting into this Yoga Teacher Training, and yesterday was kind of the beginning of that. I’ve already had one full weekend of YTT, and it’s beyond words. I’ll go more into it later. But two-ish weeks off kind of threw me off balance and I cheated a little on my ‘cleanse’. So fresh starts yesterday, and from here on out.


I do love planning a maj event for my Birthday usually. But last year I felt so pressured to since it was 30 that I ended up hating the day and just being at a bad place last year in general made it all seem forced. So this year I just went about my usual business and it was all good…


Little trip to Produce Junction to stock up on some healthy fruits and veggies for juicing and munching. It’s amazing how much stuff you can get for $30! Along with a Misto and an afternoon of reading my yoga books and I was all set.

Cheers Babes!!! Happy 31st Birthday to me.

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