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Wake the Fuck Up

This is what I learned in yoga tonight. (and by tonight I mean last Tuesday April 23rd because that’s how behind I am with blogging).


I haven’t been blogging a lot about my yoga teacher training experience for a few reasons. ONE: haven’t had much time. The training seshies on the weekends are IN-tense to say the least. I get home and I’m physically and emotionally wiped out. TWO: a LOT of it is very personal, life changing, mind altering, deep stuff and I’m not even really sure how to verbalize it. My journal is becoming a mish-mash of emotions which need to be fit together like a puzzle. OR I need to let go and just wait for everything to flow together.

Last night we had a class with Bryan Kest – def check him out, he effing rocks. It was a four hour Master Class. So there was an hour lecture beforehand and then about a three hour yoga sesh that seemed like only an hour. I walked away from HBY feeling like a new person. And when I say ‘walked away’, I mean … literally putting my sneaks on was the first time EVER – ok, not ever but since HERE that I bent down on my stress fractured right side and didn’t feel any pain. WTF!? Miracle? AH-maze. Yoga is medicine – and that’s what we learned about this weekend. MOoooooore to come.

Happy Monday peeps! Start it off on the ‘right’ juicy foot.

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