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Juicy Monday’s


adjective, juic·i·er, juic·i·est.


full of juice; succulent: a juicy pear.

very profitable, appealing, interesting, satisfying, or substantive: a juicy contract; a juicy part in a movie.

very interesting or colorful, especially when slightly scandalous or improper: a juicy bit of gossip.

Origin:  1400–50; late Middle English j ( o ) usy full of liquor. See juice, -y1

Related forms

juic·i·ly, adverb
juic·i·ness, noun
un·juic·i·ly, adverb
un·juic·y, adjective
Synonyms 3. racy, risqué, titillating, sensational, lurid.
I love in yoga when the instructors say make it a ‘nice juicy rinse’ when you’re twisting into a pose. So when you’re really cranked and really sweating it out… squeezing all the toxins out like you’d squeeze an orange. It’s a great feeling, and always a funny word.
So here’s to Juicy Mondays…
I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but haven’t had quite the will power. But during my teacher training since I’m ‘cleansing’ (I’ll go into more of this later). I decided to try Juicing on Monday’s. Yesterday I hit up Whole Foods – and only spent $150 ! Why is that place so freaking expensive? Anyway, tons of fresh fruit and veggies later I made 4 juices for the day and that’s all I’ll have, besides herbal tea and tons of water. Carrot/Grapefruit , Celery/Apple, Tomato/Cucumber, and Celery/Pear were the general combos.
Nice Juicy Cleanse.

2 thoughts on “Juicy Monday’s

    • hi! i just did a one day juice fast. 4 – 16oz juices and herbal tea all day that’s it. it was good, i actually wasn’t hungry. i’ve done three day ones before but those i usually buy. hope that helps! thanks for your comment.

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