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One of our homework assignments for YTT “Yoga Teacher Training” was to make a list of all the things we love on two pages. At first I was thinking ‘wow two pages is a lot’ but once I started I realized I could fill up a whole notebook and then some. There are a million things in this world that I love and I feel that’s genuinely a word I am always saying. So I tried to go into it and only write down things I experienced in the two days of the assigment. Here goes…



– waking up

– drinking hot lemon water in the morning laying in my comfy bed

– being motivated and excited to start the day

– going to the gym and rockin it

– eating healthy for the right reasons

– avocado, mango and blueberries in a bowl with lemon juice

– sitting out in the sun in a sweatshirt reading

– homemade green tea lattes

– coffee, Starbucks

– napping in the afternoon

– practicing yoga on my dirty ass yoga mat at home while burning incense

– my Mom

– the endless possibilities that I have before me

– drinking red wine out of a ball jar

– drinking red wine

– drinking wine 😉

– steak and salad

– sleeping in

– getting ‘I miss you’ and ‘I wanted to see you’ texts from friends and others 😉

– homemade banana icecream for breakfast

– driving around on a sunny day listening to my favorite songs and thinking about life

– rememebering Harvey

– thinking about how strong I am and how far I’ve come

– being creative and inspired by little things

– raising money for charity

– homemade fruit infused water

– drinking fresh water

– being able to get fresh clean drinking water out of my own sink


That’s when it hit. Wow… all these little things in life that we take for granted. Like clean running water!!!! We need and can be so, so grateful for all of this. So there it is… the Ah-Ha moment that I think this assigment was all about – or at least that was part of it. There’s a lot more that goes into it. And this is something that Bryan Kest actually discussed during his meditation portion of class. Thinking about and being thankful for everything and it was one of the best, best Savasana’s and Meditation experiences that I’ve had yet. The list went on and on and was really fun to do and will be continued for sure.

So make a list… what do you LOVE!!? Think about it and hashtag the shit out of it. Be Happy, Be Grateful. #thingstolovenow – on Instagram/Twitter

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