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Renee and Tony – Get Hitched


Introducing…. the Bride and Groom!!

Ok, so I actually was the #WorstBridesmaidEver and didn’t even take a pic of the happy couple. Yeah I suck.

So I knew this wedding would be hard for me. Bittersweet in the harshest sense possible. But I really wasn’t prepared for some of the feelings. Worst anxiety last week leading up to it and driving down to NJ it just crept up to me. .

It’s crazy how being somewhere familiar can trigger such intense emotions. For so long I’ve been past the point of ‘forgetting’. And when I say that I mean there’s those times – in the beginning after losing someone, you get distracted by something for a moment and — you forget. For instance – you’re distracted and think “Oh, I have to remember to tell Harv that”, or you walk in the door and for a second expect to see him…. etc, etc. But you gradually get to a point where that doesn’t happen anymore. However, being in too familiar situations can bring that back and that’s something that takes your breath away.

I thought I’d want to talk/write about this more. But after these emotions passed I wanted to just let them go. Not Harvey, not family, not what happened because that’s all a part of me and always will be. But I’m ready to put things behind me and take a step forward and discover the me that I’m supposed to be now and the next chapter in my life.

Shots at the Bolero to end the night…



The Sand Barrens ~

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