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Learning to Live…

Without the person you thought you could never live without.


Photo Cred : Stringer Phtography

“There’s nothing more to life than love, is there?” – Snow Patrol

Love. Can you live without it? Love so great that you ‘can’t live without’ the other person. This is one saying that I’ve grown to hate. I know it’s hypothetical and people throw it out here and there. But I think for a while I believed it might be true. Josh texted me the other day saying how he couldn’t believe he’s lived without Harvey for 2 years now. I thought about this a lot after I read that text and how it’s so weird, crazy and true. I used to hate leaving Harv for a night or two – how I never thought in a million years that I’d be able to go on this long without him. And it’s not like a breakup where you still have that glimpse or hope that maaaaaybe you’ll get back together. Or maybe you’ll happen to run into that person somewhere and get to see them again. Or at least be able to email/drunk text or FB them 😉 But nope… this is different. It’s longing and despair so great that it’s hard to even comprehend. Loss so bitter that it leaves you empty.

So, how do you ever live without that person you thought you could never live without? If only I had that answer, my friends. But I do know it’s possible. It’s survival at its greatest, perseverance, inner strength and the will to live. There’s a day that you reach – one that clicks somehow and something changes. You wake up and you WANT to be alive, you appreciate it again and it feels different. I remember this day specifically, and perfectly clear. It must have been about the February/March (2011) time frame, not sure of the exact day. But I can picture my room and how it looked the day I woke up and was glad that I did.

Plans get fucked but one thing is that life never stops and it moves forward.

Long live love… and life.

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