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Well it was creeping up on me for a few days now. Freeeeezing all week, sore throat… I knew the Cold was coming. I tried drinking tons and tons of water, loads of tea and lots of sleep (ya, good luck with that one, right?). Hellllooooo 3am wakeup calls again – not the good kind (well, maybe one), but the restless kind. And this little one is a PETA – talk about personal space issues. He’s not happy unless he’s in your face while you’re sleeping.


Doesn’t seem too bad and hopefully I can kick it quick. NOLA next week and I can’t be sick for that! Lots more tea… water, water, water. BIKRAM yoga this morn with my friend Chris – who is a professional boxer – yep he’s bad ass. CHECK HIM OUT!! HERE. Strengthening my sytem, Detoxifying and sweating it all out today.

Happy Saturday, friends!

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