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What is?

Apparently everyone says that here. “What is?” Like… ‘what’s up?’ , ‘how are ya?’


Finally in Hawaii after what seemed like a month long of partying, saying goodbyes, planning, organizing, stressing… and I would do it all over again. What a great month with family and friends… surrounded by love. And dealing out some things that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t been going away. Feels good to get real and fresh and clean. So there’s a ba-jillion things going through my mind right now, and a thousand different emotions that I’ve been feeling. From the weekend before I left to the now. I never thought you could go through so many emotions on one plane ride (13 hours or not). It’s hard to start to even put everything into words. Things are swirling around and all mixed up right now. Like swirling around in the tide, things need to get filtered out. What’s real or not, what’s fleeting.

It’s all about the process… “what is” now. The moment is what matters. I don’t know where I’m going but I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

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