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Hawaii — Say What!?

Everyone keeps asking me why I’m moving to Hawaii…

Friend: “April, you’re moving to Hawaii?? WHY?”

Me: “Why the Fuck not?”

No but really…. I mean if I go back to the beginning and analyze the whole story about how I ended up going to HI in the first place – how I accidentally bought a non-refundable plane ticket, and had to change my flight about 10x. How the whole trip came into place based on one random drunk night during a Hurricane. Everything that happens in our lives brings us to this very moment and that’s exactly where we are supposed to be.

Stressing and worrying about your life’s decisions. — not worth it. I’m realizing it’s possible to live worry free if you just follow your heart and trust. Just jump into the vortex with and open heart and let the universe do it’s freaking job.

After being asked this quite a few times…. and honeslty trying to figure it out myself, I’ve come to a small conclusion. San Diego was a WANT – something new exciting, where Hawaii is a heart felt NEED. Journal entry 5.18.13 I wrote: Action not Activity, Need not Want, dont just go through the motions, but just be. Instead of reacting to something, I want to create something. SO – why not?? – step back, breathe and just be me.

I want to be surrounded by beauty. Feel white sand on my feet everydamnday, swim in crystal clear water and ice-cold waterfalls. I want to see daily rainbows, run along the beach and hike into the mountains. I want to be inspired by fresh fruit, palmtrees, breathtaking sunsets; passing my inspiration on through teaching yoga. I want to bartend and meet new people from all over the world. I want to not have a plan and let life take me where it takes me… away from worry and fear of the unknown. I want to get to know the unknown. I want to do it because it’s where my heart says to go, to grow, to live, to get out of my comfort zone. To test the edge of my existence.

… and why the fuck not?

beauty –>


just kidding… REAL beauty –>


earth –>


white sand –>


crystal clear water –>


ice cold waterfalls –>


mountains –>


fresh fruit –>


palm trees –>


I mean…. what more could you ask for??


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