More Celebrations



Well this weekend was another great time. Dave and Col’s wedding! More celebrating, more drinking, more friends and fun times. I’m feeling so blessed lately to be surrounded by such great people. I’ve been a little stressed lately with my jam-packed sched and all the things I have going on, but realize that’s just the price you pay when you’re cool πŸ˜‰


And by that I mean wear pajama pants to Wawa at 4am.


First of all… Colleen is one of the most fun people you could possibly meet. You can’t go out with this girl and not have a good time. She’s alway happy and ready for fun. So imagine 300 of her and Dave’s close personal friends plus an open bar.


Good times with great friends! Off to bed to recoupe and let the week begin.


Two days, my friends and then this little girl is off on a little get-a-way! Yeah yeah. Sun and relaxation here I come. !!!


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