Check out these babes!! HOT, right?


So this past weekend was awesome! But I am definitely paying for it… still. SICK – again. Annoying behind all. It is prob my own fault though. I was literally going, going, going non-stop. Aaaaaand on top of that instead of eating healthy and taking care of myself, I was way off norm and ate and drank tons of junk. Um… yes.


Once you get into a healthy lifestyle and get used to eating super duper clean – junk food does a maje number on the bod. WOW. I felt disgusting by Sunday and was way off balance in yoga. Mind and Body – affected. Even two sessions on Sunday didn’t cure me. Back to basics again and feels amaze to be on track. Long term goals in mind. And none of them include a baby bijorn for my beer…


Soooooo… for the weekend deets. Renee’s shower turned out awesome. I ‘think’ she was legit surprised. Such a fun day AND night. I always forget how much I miss these girls!


And the infamous ‘blue dress’ worked again. Free shots for all compliments of my ass. FTA.


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